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cheap Canada Goose The City paid the woman $150,000 in settlement of her lawsuit.[I]n one investigation of a complaint of misconduct, an IPRA investigator interviewed an 8 year old girl who complained that a CPD officer working secondary employment in a school grabbed the girl by her hair, swung her around, and choked her while breaking up a fight in a school hallway.20 IPRA did not interview the identified student witnesses and entered a non sustained finding based primarily on the accused officer’s written statement.Investigators engaged in “coordinated, coach and conceal efforts” during internal investigations that they had not seen anywhere else. DOJ said it was “not uncommon for officers to change the course of the narrative or walk back statements they had www.likecanadagoose.com made after their legal representatives whispered a few words.” They pointed to this example:In one case, the BIA investigator documented that he was not sustaining any violations in the administrative investigation because the elements of two crimes the officer had initially been charged with, criminal sexual abuse and unlawful restraint, were not met. That case involved an allegation that a CPD officer attempted to rape a woman at a party. cheap Canada Goose

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