Currently its just very empty

luc424 u

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canadian goose jacket u/luc424 You have to be first person to say this but i am getting what you saying. The affects on the world is reason why i enjoyed playing New Vegas and Fall Out 4. I thought Fall Out 4 was really good game (not perfect) but really good at allow me to do my own thing unknowingly that i was affecting the plot. Since it sounds like you have played a lot what suggestion or suggestions would you want to improve the game? Also thank you for the insight and feed back. canadian goose jacket

1) canadian goose jacket get rid of build limits, or make it tied to the quests that lets you take over power plants and when you clear out a area, so the more you do the bigger your build limit is.

cheap Canada Goose 2) the ability to build actual towns, currently is just 1 building and tool benches. You aren building a town at all, there is no stake at all for you being in the world. SO land plots that you buy so more friends to pitch in, the bigger the land plot you can buy. cheap Canada Goose

3) make certain robots recruitable for your town or home, like guards or something so more quests you do the more npc friends you will make. Currently its just very empty, like the quests are informative but just really soul less, like it just doesn canada goose matter in the end.

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canada goose black friday sale u/luc424 Point 3 is easy fix that I think they could do and would be a neat buy canada goose jacket cheap feature too. Similar to FO4 Codsworth and Curie and have like Robot Workbench to build your own friend too. I feel like this will be a DLC like the last game. canada goose black friday sale

uk canada goose outlet As for the building actual towns i feel like with 12 people (believe that is the limit currently) and no NPC they have made a point on the direction they are going currently canada goose coats on sale which is feeling lonely and empty. They must to something in the future DLC to address building as i can imagine you wouldn want to give the people the ability to build cities or small towns. uk canada goose outlet

Point 1 i can see them do due to coding. It would neat to have something like Evolve or rust to build anywhere.

canada goose uk black friday I do appericate the comment back and thought put into it you comment. I still haven technically played the game yet but i have done a lot more research on it now and have had a canada goose outlet ton a people tell me there Canada Goose online reviews, thoughts and what to look forward too as well. I find the conversation with folks a very nice treat as i have learned a lot more about community rather than normal forums, YouTube trashing and the trolls that live on both. canada goose uk black friday

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Canada Goose online the game is fun in its own way, just that it gets really boring after 50+ hours, because sometimes you do rush through a quest not really reading the computer terminals, and once you stop reading those terminals, canada goose store you lose all the fun for the quests. And in a multiplayer game, you really don want to be that guy that stands there reading while there are the scorched attacking your teammates. The game works for Streamers because subs and mods will carry you through canada goose coats while you read and give you supplies when you need them. And some of the quests are very well though out, just too much reading and nothing really to canada goose clearance show afterward. Canada Goose online

Play the game because it is fun, just isn really a long term game, especially when after 50+ hours, I died a little every time I have to dismantle my weapons and gear because of stash limit, because of all the materials needed for building. I just wish they had a separate tab for building materials vs gear and have building/crafting materials being unlimited.

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canada goose clearance Okay I summarize what I know. Blizzard said there would be big Diablo news at their annual conference so people were really excited, some people may have bought tickets because of this news. As it turns out the only Diablo news was a mobile only game (as in won be a core game available on PC or console). After a short while people goosesea discovered that the game was outsourced and cheap Canada Goose that the actual developers had basically made a cookie cutter game that looks like a lot of other already existing mobile games. People feel misled and let down. canada goose clearance

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canada goose factory sale Also the problem is that they made a Mobile Game the main focus. canada goose factory sale

Even Bethesda during E3 knew that people might not canada goose clearance sale be too happy about their multiplayer fallout, so they give us a sneak peak at Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield. It was nothing but a few seconds of nothing but just the name itself appearing saved the conference for them.

Blizzard should have atleast put up a last sneak peak of Diablo 4 image after the announcement then there would have been no problems at all.

Canada Goose Online I find trophy hunting to be disgusting, but regular hunting for food and/or pest removal is perfectly fine from a morality perspective (as long as it is done ethically in a way that will cause the least amount of suffering in the animal). Canada Goose Online

canada goose coats At some point, hopefully, they may be so wronged by their elected officials that they have to honestly reconsider their dogmas and admit they were wrong. For some, it may take something pretty disastrous, but I canada goose deals think/hope that everyone has the ability to have a moment of self criticism and wonder if maybe they were wrong (or, at best, lied to). canada goose coats

canada goose Or, maybe some people will never allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to admit fault and make positive changes. We’re going to find out, I suppose. canada goose

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Canada Goose Outlet yup, you can expect anyone that is still Canada Goose Outlet blaming Hilary and Obama after they are both out of the office for 2 years to change their mind. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose uk shop I actually meet someone so disillusioned that he is still saying that Obama is going to let Muslims take over the white house today 2018. And I was sitting there wondering, have you been in a coma? don you know that Donald Trump is the one in the White house now? the black guy Obama can hurt you anymore!! Why is Obama still in your Canada Goose Parka mind. Oh and he has no job and is blaming Obama for that as well. Just recently lost his job Canada Goose Jackets too canada goose uk shop.

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