Then, turning her attention to unseen actresses in the crowd,

Get a nanny to help watch the small children during some daytime work hours, if necessary. Hire a marketing firm to put together some PR pieces and marketing material. If it is a struggle for you and a potential failure point in your business, do yourself a favor and look into hiring it out..

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If fried chicken came with celebrity status, Atlanta chef and James Beard award nominee Linton Hopkins would be an A lister. His Restaurant Eugene in Buckhead is quietly becoming a foodie pilgrimage site for the Sunday only fried chicken entre if not for the taste, for its nod to history. When Hopkins decided to open his flagship caf on Sundays, he wanted to do something special.

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While the Newsweek and Observer stories treat Farrelly’s behavior lightly, the Cut notes, it might seem more “egregious” nowadays. In a statement to The Post, Farrelly said, “True. I was an idiot. Fundraising. Is there an organization in your area that needs help fundraising? Give your employees the chance to go door to door and raise money. In addition to helping a charity and encouraging your employees to work together in a non work setting, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and increase your brand’s visibility in the community..

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As part of my Cage research, I’m reading Aldous Huxley’s The

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