Archaeological finds of skulls with multiple healed

Sloth defecation is for mating Why Evolution Is True

canada goose deals Cats are wilier than you thinkA while back I put up a post and a Canada Goose Coats On Sale video showing the bizarre behavior of sloths Canada Goose Online when they have to defecate: once a week they make the long, slow climb down to the base of their tree, dump their load, canada goose and then retrace their steps up. Canada Goose online I suggested four hypotheses for this behavior, and decided that the most likely one was to identify their location to potential mates. There were buy canada goose jacket lots of comments, and most people disagreed with the idea because, after all, how would one sloth ever find another if they had to climb down a tree and sniff around other trees? It seemed inefficient. Now, Becky Cliffe canada goose uk outlet from the University of Manchester claims she has some support for the mating hypothesis (I am putting below a comment she just added to the earlier post): canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap I am doing the study and I can shed some light on this matter! To cut a long project canada goose outlet short, I have been monitoring cheap Canada Goose sloth behaviour, reproductive activity, thermoregulation and metabolic activity for the last 12 months and can tell you that the defecating at the base of canada goose uk black friday the tree is almost certainly linked to finding a mate. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats You won find any literature canada goose black friday sale on this at the moment but I can tell you female sloths have a very regular canada goose uk shop 28 day reproductive cycle, during which, canada goose factory sale they are in heat for cheap canada goose uk 10 days. During these 10 days,they actually let out regular high pitched screams that attract males from up to 700m away, and they descend to the same spot at the base of the same tree daily to go poo/pee (even if it is just the tiniest amount!) canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet It also takes them canada goose coats on sale an average of 31 days for food to pass from ingestion to excretion amazing! And yes, their body temperature CAN fluctuate uk canada goose outlet up 8 degrees over the course of a day. And canada goose clearance sale the respiratory rate can range between 6 breaths per min to 120! Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Oh and the stuff about them being half deaf and half blind completely false and I have no idea who canada goose store spouted that one originally!! Very interesting animals canada goose

canada goose black friday sale Just to show this is legit, here a YouTube video of Becky with baby sloths: canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets Well it seems to be that both males and females have a habit of canadian goose jacket pooping only at the base of certain favourite trees communal spots. So when the male makes his weekly trip down to the it takes him more often than not to the exact same spot where any local females have been. And the in heat females are expending SO much valuable energy (considering they have so little) and putting Canada Goose Outlet themselves at huge risks by coming down daily, this must surely be to maximize the chances of a male catching her scent. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance I must add, the study is only looking at the 3 fingered sloth. Bishop: if you were to get a bacterial infection, would Canada Goose Parka you prefer to take an antibiotic or trust in the ministrations of a shaman? After all, both of those methods rely on “interpreted realities.” want to take issue with it, because it seems to me to represent an attitude that is common among among natural scientists who do not have much knowledge of anthropology and history (the same attitude appears every so often on PZ website). Yes, science is Canada Goose sale a wonderful thing, and I am not knocking it, but it simply is not the case that before the advent of modern science people lived totally benighted lives and relied, since they could rely on nothing else, on mere magic and wishful thinking. Jonathan Kingdon thought provoking Man and His Undoing gives a good history of technological invention from humanity beginnings, and in his brilliant, illuminating and horrifying Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage the archaeologist Lawrence H. Keeley addresses the issue of the uk canada goose superiority of primitive practices where dealing with wounds to the common practices of 19th century army surgeons, such as bleeding, the routine amputation of wounded limbs, the probing of wounds with unsterilised intruments, and the binding them tight with unsterilised bandages. comparison, most primitive healers merely extracted the projectile, sometimes bathed the wounds, and commonly covered them with poultices of plants known to have healing properties. A recent pharmacological study of over 2,000 plant extracts (used by primitive peoples) that 61 percent had some antibiotic effect Another shamanistic buy canada goose jacket cheap treatment, common at least in North America, involved sucking blood from the wound; where arrows were poisoned, this would have been a necessary precaution, but it would have helped to clean the wound in any case. The only surgical advantage that Western military doctors of the nineteenth century possessed over their primitive counterparts was their ability to stop massive bleeding from major arteries and veins. On the other hand, a number of prehistoric and recent chiefdoms Canada Goose Jackets practiced trepanation removal of small pieces of skull to treat cranial fractures an operation that Western surgeons did not master until the late nineteenth century. Archaeological finds of skulls with multiple healed terpanation scars indicate that this operation had a high rate of success. Thus shamanistic treatments were, in many cases, harmless at worst and very efficacious at best. am sorry about the length of this post, but I feel the matter is important. canada goose clearance Sometimes, ready dismissals are justified, canada goose coats sometimes they are not canada goose clearance.

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