Gordhan must answer all questions we gave him through

What better way could there be to pay homage to the wittiest appraiser of Regency England marriage market than to think about what Jane Austen would make of love in 2017? Austen lived in a world where eligible bachelors boasted vast estates, Oxbridge educations and possibly a stint in the Navy or the chambers; single ladies were expected to speak several languages, sing and play piano, and be capable of running the home and raising children of equally excellent breeding. In both cases, it was, of course, advantageous if you looked good too. So, how much has or hasn changed?Dating apps such as Tinder (which now has over 50 million users) opaquely outline the demands of today relationship market; users ruminate long and hard over their choice of pictures and what they write in their biographies to hook in potential lovers, and that just your own profile.

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Unified entertainment has been a hot topic for a few years now

Nets: G Jared Dudley returned to Phoenix for the first time since being traded in the offseason. He spent seven seasons over two stints with the Suns. F DeMarre Carroll has yet to play this season due to a right ankle injury. When Paul Taylor’s Roses premiered in 1985, fake petals drifted down onto the City Center stage just before the lights went out on his sweet tempered choreography. No such sprinkling occurred on the second evening of Paul Taylor American Modern Dance’s 2018 three week season at the former New York State Theater. Would [Read more.].

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