Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas

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So there’s a lot buy canada goose jacket of uncertainty here

Turmoil in Saudi Arabia

uk canada goose outlet Hello, and welcome to this edition of World Weekly from The Financial Times. I’m Gideon Rachman. Today we’re looking at turmoil in Saudi Arabia, and in the wider neighbourhood. uk canada goose outlet

Some of the most powerful people in the Gulf kingdom are now under arrest. And meanwhile, tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are rippling right across the Middle East. Joining me on the line is our Gulf Affairs Correspondent Simeon Kerr, and in Beirut, our correspondent there, Erika Solomon.

canadian goose jacket Well it has got everyone scratching their heads. It’s been Canada Goose Jackets it is clearly one of the deepest, most unprecedented corruption crackdowns we’ve seen in the canadian goose jacket Gulf, and certainly in Saudi Arabia. And the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, he’s ticking off a few boxes here. He has spent the last few years consolidating his power, to a point where he really is his father’s hand. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets He does he rules all aspects of the kingdom at the moment. And he’s trying to reformulate the way that business is done in Saudi Arabia in his own image. So going after corruption is going to be is very, Canada Goose Outlet very popular amongst the youth and amongst the middle classes in the kingdom, who have for many decades have seen elites and princes feathering their own nests. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online As the crown prince introduces economic reforms, he’s trying to show everyone that they’re all in the same boat to a certain extent. But I mean, that’s the sort of political angle. At the same time, there has been a lot of criticism or quiet criticism within the family of what he’s doing. Canada Goose Online

canada goose uk black friday And this is a way of sending a message within the family that no dissent will be brooked, and that they need to get on board with what he’s doing. And so the dozens, maybe hundreds of people detained is certainly sending that message loud and clear. And everyone is noticing. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose uk shop Is there a political risk attached there? Because it seems to me he’s taking on some of the richest, most powerful people in Saudi Arabia, caught up in the sweep. Prince Alwaleed is probably the most well known Saudi businessman, a billionaire, and prominent members of the royal family. It’s canada goose clearance quite a high stakes thing to do, isn’t it? canada goose uk shop

Absolutely. I mean, there is some political risk here. I think it probably illustrates the extent to which he feels that he’s got a handle on the kingdom, that he can do it at this moment. I mean, at the same time as he launched the crackdown, he removed the son of the former King, Mitib, from the National Guard, which is a very powerful sort of elite paramilitary security force in the kingdom that has, for decades, been loyal to King Abdullah and that branch of the family.

Canada Goose Parka So it’s a risk. But people say he will have been working on trying to sustain their loyalty. And there are others in the family, too, who would be upset. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk outlet But I think he regards himself his main asset is the youth. He’s a millennial. And he’s below the median age in Saudi Arabia sorry, above the median age in Saudi Arabia. canada goose coats The youth are generally with him. And he will try to portray himself as the champion of these new generations coming through, and hoping that they will bolster what he wants to do. canada goose uk outlet

And just essentially what does he want to do? We talk about Mohammed bin Salman as this great reformer. The elements are to, as I understand it, partly to make Saudi Arabia less in the grip of the extreme form of Wahhabi Islam, but also to open up the economy. Is that basically it?

Canada Goose sale Yes. I mean, I think he’s canada goose deals recognised that he needs to diversify the economy away from oil, because the oil is not going to last forever. And to do that, a highly complicated, cultural change is needed. So this crackdown is this kind of cultural revolution around trying to re figure out the way things are done. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket It’s not going to be patronage by the princes. It’s not to be princes giving business to their own companies. It’s not all going to be about government spending, which has always been the way in the past that the oil revenues crept in through the economy via the and then the private sector depends on that. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk So he’s trying to revolutionise the way that business is done in the kingdom. Now, that means that the normal Saudis are going to have less of a generous welfare state. And in order to get them on board, he’s not offering democracy, but he’s offering sort of more social freedoms, just things like entertainment, malls. cheap canada goose uk

Women are going to be able to drive in June. They’re cheap Canada Goose going to probably open cinemas at some stage. And this kind of opening up the tight social strictures is where he hopes and probably will manage to buy him some time. As life gets more difficult, given the lack of acclimate largess that Saudis are going to have over the next decade or so.

And of course, Saudi Arabia, canada goose the richest country in the region, one of the most powerful. And the ripples of what’s happening in Saudi Arabia are affecting the Canada Goose Parka whole Middle East now. And Erika, of course, where you are sitting, Lebanon has been particularly affected by Saudi policy decisions, it seems, with the Prime Minister stepping down. Can you explain what’s happening there?

Yeah. I think really in a way, Lebanon has been buy canada goose jacket cheap hostage to this whole sort of unravelling that’s going on in the region, as Saudi looks to escalate against Iran. The Prime Minister, if you think about it, he resigned, but here in Lebanon, most people don’t really feel that he resigned. They feel that he was forced to during a visit Saudi Arabia, which is where he resigned from, and where people still can’t really get in touch with him. So that’s kind of a remarkable thing, if you stop to think about that for a second. You are shocked by the resignation, a surprise resignation of your country’s leader, and then maybe he’s being held by force by another country.

Canada Goose Outlet Nobody knows, and that’s the problem. So there’s a lot buy canada goose jacket of uncertainty here. But broadly speaking, that’s almost become like a side issue to a much greater threat, which is how seriously Saudi Arabia is going to start pushing against Iran diplomatically, politically, and economically. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Beirut, of course, or Lebanon, I should say, is home to the regional force Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, and is seen as one of the main sort of proxies that Iran has. So it’s really important, in some ways, for them to be reined in if you want to try and hit back at Iran, which is why now Lebanon went from being kind of ignored over the past few years of chaos in the Middle East, between what’s going on with ISIS, what’s going on with the Syrian Civil War, to now feeling like they’re about to become the centre of a lot of fixation now. buy canada goose jacket cheap

So if the cause of Saudi anger at Lebanon is Hezbollah, how easy, or otherwise, canada goose black friday sale would it be for them to take on Hezbollah, Baku, which are also, of canada goose store course, traditionally enemies of Israel?

Well, not easy. For one canada goose clearance sale thing, Saudi Arabia has basically, since 2011, been much less hands on in Lebanon than it used to be. As I mentioned, there’s been a lot of other conflicts in the region that have sort of taken priority away from Lebanon, which was often kind of seen as the place where the proxy wars of the region played out.

And so in that period, Hezbollah has sort of slowly but surely gained more and more power and influence in the country, not just through its militant wing but through its political wing. They have members in parliament. They have ministers. And so this is now a much more difficult issue. They’re very much enmeshed in the country’s military and political scene.

canada goose coats And is it correct to see them essentially as a proxy for Iran? canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale Yes and no. They are definitely Iran surely sees them as a major element of their policy in the region. And so far, there doesn’t seem to be much daylight between the two Canada Goose sale of them, in terms of what they see as regional objectives. canada goose black friday sale

But more and more, when you speak to Hezbollah people, you hear them sort of saying, no, we’re not just their tool. We have our own views. And interestingly, Hezbollah itself is really becoming kind of its own brand.

So whereas before the conflict in Syria, and that started in 2011, Hezbollah very much seemed like a Lebanese movement, now it seems to be kind of everywhere. They’re believed to have done training for Shia militias in Iraq. There’s a lot of suspicion that canada goose outlet they’ve played some kind of a role in Yemen, potentially doing training or maybe giving weapons to the Houthi militants in Yemen.

So they’ve suddenly kind of become their own regional force as well. But so far, I don’t see any kind of rivalry, or tension, or even really any kind of gap in terms of the objectives of Iran or Hezbollah in the region.

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And for a chef who is used to preparing her own meals at home, the menu selections can get a bit stale. Especially because the upstate Pennsylvania and Indiana countryside have got been traveling through isn’t known regarding their five star chefs. One way link the menu items are able in only a few ways; slathered in butter or deep fried.

canada goose coats The podcast Reply All did a great episode on just this type of activity: kids are stealing social media accounts and selling access to them. There a whole black market out there for stuff like canada goose outlet in vancouver that, it really wild. Listen at your own risk, though: you come out the other end terrified of ever going online again. canada goose coats

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canada goose store Do not ruin it for the rest of the year. Tone it down, Ottawa. Bit later, he said what he really meant: is what I want for my entire canada goose black friday 2019 mens year: To feel that passion and energy in everything I do. “It’s always uncomfortable,” said Kate Perch, the housing coordinator for Prevention Point, watching the cleanup on Tulip Street. Prevention Point is running two of the city shelters that have opened to accommodate camp residents. “We knew it was coming, and felt like all of us in the initiative did the best we could to canada goose online shop germany engage people. canada goose store

He said Pakistan had unfortunately been ruled by a pack of people in the past who were not interested in improving its image. Rulers robbed the national wealth and filled their coffers, he alleged. Fawad said the vision of the prime minister to make the country like that of the State of Madina was not political but social one.

I promise, without fail, that after hearing these kinds of responses, your immediate thought processes will be negative. You are now canada goose outlet factory thinking, “Of course I still love him / her” or “Maybe it is ‘inappropriate’ or “How could I even think about dating again?”. Or some other similar nonsense (intentionally repeated)..

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