With each additional actor and partner

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Everybody is for co ordination, but nobody wants to be co ordinated. With each additional actor and partner, the transaction costs for co ordination increases exponentially, making it extremely costly and inefficient. In most cases, incentives for joint action are not aligned, and in particular, international organisations will do everything to ensure their “mandate” gets accomplished as they often have to “follow the money”; current discussions within the SDG world is telling as “topical” agencies and institutions try to secure their respective goals, targets or for that matter even indicators.

There are other mitigating factors to consider as well, such as the geographic makeup of the ‘ roster. As NESN’s Mike Cole pointed out, rookie running back Sony Michel a prominent member of New England’s offense went to college in Georgia and grew up in Florida. He will have no more of an advantage in the cold than Chargers running back Melvin Gordon, who played college football at Wisconsin..

And with the addition of Thomas Johnson, it also means that the Tri State League is being even more dominated by Maryland schools. For Martinsburg, the West Virginia en try, and Waynesboro, from Pennsylvania, this could spell disaster within the next five years. MARTINSBURG’S sports schedules, for example, are already top heavy with Maryland schools.

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LOS ANGELES Chandler Parsons keeps winning. He’s playing a card game that has a profane name with Courtney Lee, his summer roommate and former Houston Rockets teammate, at the kitchen table of their West Hollywood Hills rental home. And the hills.

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But we old professors all disagree with each other

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