Dicas dos Torcedores

Uma nova versão do TV está no ar. A pedido dos usuários do TV, abrimos um espaço destinado exclusivamente para abrigar dicas dos torcedores. Esse  espaço que pode acessado pela Zona de Zoação, visa auxiliar os que fazem o TV, em especial os novatos, com dicas sobre como se comportar na comunidade. O espaço é composto por uma série de tópicos fixos criados pelos administradores do TV e pelos próprios torcedores. Para compartilhar uma dica basta criar um tópico na Zona de Zoação e enviar um email ao Fale Conosco do Torcida Virtual solicitando que o mesmo se torne um tópico fixo no “Dicas dos Torcedores”. A análise quanto à adequação da solicitação e do tópico será feita pelo ADM em até 72 horas. Em tendo sua solicitação aceita, lembre-se de moderar o tópico de forma a impedir que o mesmo seja usado com outro propósito que o de esclarecer dúvidas e prover informações aos torcedores.

Women who wear Muslim garments in court were viewed as more

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Handbags Replica This perpetuates the tired old idea that the more clothes you wear, the less to blame you are for your attack.This is damaging to Muslim women and non Muslim women alike because both deserve to be believed not because they cover up and not because they don’t but because they are victims of sexual trauma who replica bags manila have little to gain by lying about their attacks (and very few people, just 2%, do).It’s not just that. The findings show how Muslim women are pigeonholed as sexually submissive and lacking agency. While the courtroom setting may side with Muslim women, outside of it they are not safe from prejudice.The only time Muslim women’s modesty benefits them in society is when it aligns with outdated patriarchal and sexist views: that covered up women are less deserving of assault.Women who wear Muslim garments in court were viewed as more credible witnesses as part of a study (Picture: Lancaster University)In the study, women in a niqab or wearing the hijab, which covers replica bags vancouver the hair, experienced ‘positive biases’ compared replica kipling bags to those wearing a balaclava but ‘uncovered’ women fared worst.The results could signal that those showing their hair or skin are thought to be sexually liberal and therefore more deserving replica bags in uk of an attack (a testament to the ‘she was asking for it’ culture of rape), it could also be because of how we perceive religious followers.A religious affiliation signals that the wearer zeal replica bags reviews is more honest because we generally have a positive view of the character of people who follow a religion.But ultimately the findings prescribe to tired tropes about Muslim women.If their clothes help them be believed in terms of sexual assault allegations, what does it do for them for other cases ones related to religion, for instance? The very same Muslim garments would work against Muslim women or men if the case replica evening bags was to best replica bags online do with terrorism, as people often conflate the two.In fact, outside a court setting, Muslim women become targets of hate crime by being visibly Muslim.Can you smell your way to stronger orgasms?Woman says her husband kept his micropenis a secret until their replica bags philippines greenhills honeymoonHow do you cope when a religious upbringing makes you feel guilty about sex?It’s disturbing to think that what a victim wears has an effect on their attack, and their likeliness of being believed over it.What about the rape and assault of women who are covered up, whether Muslim or not? It’s not as if they are free from sexual harm.Would the results be the same if it had been a black woman in a hijab or niqab, too?The fact that a woman in a balaclava something pretty incongruous in a courtroom setting is more likely to be seen as credible over a woman who shows replica bags seoul her face shows how reluctant people are to take the word of the average woman.Warwick Uni didn’t just fail the victims of the Whatsapp Group but rape victims everywhereTory MP kicked out of Parliament bar ‘for groping young men’Rugby player cleared of sexual assault after giving victim a ‘heartfelt apology’Judging women by their clothes doesn’t benefit Muslim women anywhere except in this isolated setting. Handbags Replica

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