On Tuesday, in most states Obama Trump voters’ support was

Nonetheless, their importance remains drastically underappreciated by the GOP leadership. On Tuesday, in most states Obama Trump voters’ support was high but still below 2016levels. Had the party been willing to embrace them rather than ignore them, that support could have increased further, perhaps allowing Matt Rosendale to prevail in Montana’s Senate race.

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Abusos nos pedidos de comentários

Depois de dez dias de experiência com a nova funcionalidade que permite que torcedores de qualquer time comentem no Mural de outras torcidas fizemos a avaliação que a mudança gerou um efeito positivo e será mantida.

No entanto, percebemos que nossa solicitação de que os pedidos de comentários não sejam excessivos e que não poluam as páginas dos times não foi acatada por alguns. Sendo assim, estamos comunicando que passaremos agora a penalizar os torcedores que cometem abusos.

Consideramos comportamento abusivo e contra a ética do TV ações como (não exclusivas):

1) Comentar excessivamente posts no mural adversário somente para solicitar comentário de retribuição;

2) Comentar abusivamente no Mural de qualquer time somente com o intuito de modificar a lista de prioridades dos tópicos;

3) Poluir a Zona de Zoação com pedidos de comentários excessivos.

As punições variarão entre advertências, comentários apagados, perca de pontos conseguidos com o comportamento abusivo, suspensão da conta e mesmo a exclusão total da conta caso o comportamento abusivo seja reincidente.

Lamentamos ter que intervir com essas medidas, mas acreditamos que elas só atingirão uma minoria que ainda não conseguiu entender a essência do TV além de compreender que  um jogo só pode ser divertido e justo se os jogadores mantiverem o mínimo de ética. Repetimos que a ética do TV é a de privilegiar torcedores participantes, que debatem, são divertidos, mantém a educação e criam amizades. Afinal, a comunidade do TV visa amizade e não inimizades provocadas por disputas desleais.


This easy access has to be more responsibly handled

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Tuttavia, ora sembra che quella fase sia passata

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yadav stars in india’s t20 win

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But we’re here Canada Goose sale because this school

Room Schoolhouse That’s A Model For The World

Canada Goose Outlet Nine thousand feet buy canada goose jacket up in the Colombian Andes, in the province of Boyac, a little orange schoolhouse sits on a hillside dotted with flowers. Canada Goose Outlet

Thirty three students, canada goose clearance ages canadian goose jacket 4 through 11, walk as much as an hour to cheap canada goose uk https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca get here from their families’ farms. The students greet reporters in English “Welcome! Welcome!” and Spanish, with a song and a series of performances.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In one, an 8 year old in a green school canada goose coats uniform and a colorful feather mask recites a folk tale about a terrible, tobacco smoking monster Canada Goose Jackets called a Mohan. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance sale It’s a charming presentation, but it’s more than that. She’s also building confidence, practicing performance skills and learning how to canada goose uk shop share a stage with others. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose It sort of feels like we’ve traveled back in time. But we’re here Canada Goose sale because this school, and the international movement it’s part of, called Escuela Nueva, just might be a global model for the future. cheap Canada Goose

We’ve ridden up here with Clara Victoria Colbert, known to everyone as Vicky, who canada goose founded Escuela Nueva in the mid 1970s.

She set out to take progressive, democratic education theories cooperation, self paced learning, arts focused education and apply them to some of the poorest, least resourced schools in the world.

The backbone of Escuela Nueva is called the Learning Guide what Colbert calls “a combination of a textbook, workbook and a guide for the teacher.”

canada goose deals A learning guide looks something like a comic book. There’s a different one for each grade. Reading, writing, math, Canada Goose Outlet science and social studies concepts are combined in each lesson. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket It’s a simplified version of project based learning. Each lesson page has an illustrated story, open ended questions, practice problems and both an in class and a take home activity. buy canada goose jacket

This allows the students to pretty much go at their canada goose factory sale own pace a low tech, paper and pencil version of that current day buzzword, “personalization.”

At Escuela Rosal, the children sit around tables: a tiny one for the 4 year olds, up to the tallest one for the 10 year olds.

canada goose clearance Each has a notebook open alongside canada goose uk black friday the learning guide. At one point, the littlest kids were cutting out pictures from a worksheet a hen, a shoe and matching them together with the right words. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Meanwhile, the third graders were uk canada goose outlet using measuring tapes to measure and canada goose outlet cut sheets of newspaper with a canada goose uk outlet given area, and the big kids were coloring in fractions on squares of graph paper. When they finish their own lessons, the uk canada goose understanding is that they will help each other, and the younger Canada Goose online kids, before moving on. canada goose coats

The learning guides enforce a highly standardized curriculum. On the other hand, a benefit of that highly structured canada goose coats on sale format is that it can be put into practice quickly, with teachers who have have less formal training.

canada goose store It’s so Canada Goose Online flexible, in fact, that among Canada Goose Coats On Sale Colbert’s early allies in implementing this model were the country’s coffee farmers: Their children could leave school for harvest season, come back, and pick up right where they left off. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket But that’s not the only special feature of cheap Canada Goose the learning guides. In Escuela Nueva, homework is designed to promote other social goals. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale It can even save lives. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose Many of the take home activities reinforce what Colbert calls “child survival behaviors.” These include vaccination, nutrition, food safety and how to distinguish between colds and a serious respiratory infection. canada goose

For example, the guides might instruct a child to go home and check that her baby canada goose clearance sale sister has had all her shots, or go with her father to inspect the water cistern to see that it’s covered to keep out insects.

canada goose black friday sale Colbert says lessons like these combine school learning with common sense, real world applications. “Instead of learning ‘Which is the longest river of Egypt?’ ” she explains, “It’s, ‘How can I help my siblings not die of diarrhea?’ “Colbert credits this instinct for practicality to her background. Navy officer. She studied sociology at Stanford before returning to her home country. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka “Sociologists always want canada goose black friday sale to introduce social change, and beat the system some way,” she says. “I realized there were only two ways to really improve things significantly. You make a social revolution or you make canada goose store a silent revolution, which is education.” Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets In 1970s Colombia, revolution was far from an abstraction. M 19, the rebel guerrilla movement, formed in 1974; the famous Medelln drug cartel, buy canada goose jacket cheap in 1976. The violence went on for decades. Canada Goose Jackets

Colbert was undaunted. She took a job in the education ministry, seeing schools as a lever to transform the country.

“I was totally aware that if we don’t have quality basic education, nothing will be achieved in any country in the world,” she recalls. “You won’t have social development, economic development, peace, democracy. It’s the only way.”

Canada Goose sale At the time, children in the Colombian countryside typically attended one room schoolhouses, with compulsory education only until third grade. There was a severe shortage of teachers, most of whom taught by rote and relied on corporal punishment. Freddy Tipazoca, a father we met at Escuela Rosal, told us that his teachers “educated us with the rosebushes.” Canada Goose sale

Soon after returning home, Colbert met a teacher named Oscar Mogolln, the Canada Goose Parka head of a demonstration school in the city of Pamplona.

A Essência por trás do Título de Comentários

Como os torcedores devem ter percebido, a nova versão permite que torcedores de outros times comentem no mural da torcida de adversários.

Fizemos isso para aumentar a interatividade e tornar a comunidade mais dinâmica. É muito comum, por exemplo, alguém querer comentar uma notícia no mural de um adversário. Opiniões contrárias, de uma forma geral, pode gerar discussões interessantes. Abusos podem ser contidos com a moderação do criador do tópico (o que será disponibilizado em breve).

Além de aumentar a interação, achamos que isso tornaria a busca pelo título de comentários mais justa,  pois torcedores de times com maior torcida levavam uma clara vantagem para conseguir comentários, visto que tinham mais gente para conversar no mural.

Após os primeiros dias dessa experiência estamos avaliando a repercussão e escutando os torcedores. Nossa avaliação inicial é de cautela, pois percebemos que alguns (talvez a maioria) ainda não perceberam o sentido do jogo do TV e em especial a essência dos títulos relativos aos comentários.

A ideia desse título é premiar aos torcedores que postam tópicos, notícias, assuntos, brincadeiras, enfim, postam coisas atrativas, divertidas, interessantes sobre seu time. Isso não tem sido o caso. Vimos que há um enorme número de postagens de “pedidos de comentários” e de troca mútua dos mesmos com o objetivo exclusivo de se conseguir os títulos. Isso desvirtua a brincadeira.

Estaremos acompanhando o desenrolar dos acontecimentos para avaliarmos se será necessário coibir esse tipo de postura. Por enquanto verificamos que a mudança teve um efeito positivo no incremento da interação, mas estaremos monitorando para verificar se o desvirtuamento vai persistir. Se isso continuar, seremos obrigados a tirar pontos de quem se beneficia dessa prática.

O torcedor líder e que merece receber os títulos é aquele que interage, fomenta a interação, compartilha novidades sobre seu time, zoa os adversários com respeito, ajuda a comunidade, etc.

Nosso compromisso é de tirar as amarras do TV e deixa-lo aberto de forma que aqueles que participam, brincam, competem e trazem novidades para o mural do seu time sejam premiados.

Dicas dos Torcedores

Uma nova versão do TV está no ar. A pedido dos usuários do TV, abrimos um espaço destinado exclusivamente para abrigar dicas dos torcedores. Esse  espaço que pode acessado pela Zona de Zoação, visa auxiliar os que fazem o TV, em especial os novatos, com dicas sobre como se comportar na comunidade. O espaço é composto por uma série de tópicos fixos criados pelos administradores do TV e pelos próprios torcedores. Para compartilhar uma dica basta criar um tópico na Zona de Zoação e enviar um email ao Fale Conosco do Torcida Virtual solicitando que o mesmo se torne um tópico fixo no “Dicas dos Torcedores”. A análise quanto à adequação da solicitação e do tópico será feita pelo ADM em até 72 horas. Em tendo sua solicitação aceita, lembre-se de moderar o tópico de forma a impedir que o mesmo seja usado com outro propósito que o de esclarecer dúvidas e prover informações aos torcedores.

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